The Reincarnation

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Posted on: 25th December, 2015

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So, after a sabbatical of almost 4 years, I am very pleased to announce the come-back of our very own, astounding and the Original Las Venturas Cops & Robbers community! I am highly indebted to all those people who have come forward and shown their interest and concerns over re-establishing the lost community, back on SA-MP. After the closure of the LVCNR community back in 2011, all the associated members of the core team had returned to their respective IRL priorities, leaving behind an inlet for various other servers to creep in and claim themselves as our protrudes. However, we were least bothered as we never had anything against anyone of them.

Meanwhile, all these years, the core members of our community were in contact with one another and had always expressed their intentions of making a come-back some time sooner. So, here we are, making our dream a reality by presenting before you the same old LVCNR reincarnated into a new form, on the same old official website domain! It is worthy to note that, there are several interesting elements and surprises that have been added in the game, that would bring back your old memories! Don't forget to check them out. We hope you all show the same enthusiasm and excitement in joining our community, that you always did earlier and enjoy playing all over the original LVCNR again!

I feel very nostalgic in dedicating this section as a tribute to our old memories of the server, community & members. Here you'll find the memoirs from the old times. If you too have got any contributions, feel free to post them on our forum!


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