An overview of the server businesses

Buying your business

You can find more than 100 businesses arround whole LV, each business has it's own Pickup you can go over this pickup and just click on "Buy" button on the dialog.


Each business has it's own price depending on the location and earnings for eg., if a business's earnings are $450 business's price will be $4,500,000.

Controling your business

You can very easily control your business with in-game command /business, use this command while you are inside your business to configure it, you can withdraw, deposit, close, change permissions and much more with this command.


Business's earnings will be added in your business's storage each 30 minutes even if you are not online, so do not worry you will always get money.


For security reasons if you are inactive for more than 30 days your business will be removed, if this happens by mistake you can place a refund on our forums

If you have more questions feel free to use /ask command in-game!

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